Yaki Gyoza / 4 pcs

120 Kč
Fried dumplings filled with pork and vegetables

Steamed Gyoza / 4 pcs

140 Kč
Steamed dumplings filled with pork and vegetables

Spring Rolls / 4 pcs

80 Kč
Deep fried vegetable spring rolls

Karaage Chicken / 100g

159 Kč
Deep fried chicken marinated in ginger-soy sauce

Ebi Tempura / 4 pcs

190 Kč
Deep fried shrimps in tempura batter with sweet soy sauce

Ebi Harumaki / 3 pcs

189 Kč
Deep fried rolls filled with shrimps

Soft-shell Crab Tempura / 100g

215 Kč
Deep-fried soft-shell crab in tempura batter served with sweet soy sauce

Edamame / 100g

95 Kč
Boiled soy beans with sea salt

Garlic Edamame / 100g

98 Kč
Delicately sauteed soy beans with sea salt and garlic

Agedashi Tofu / 120g

115 Kč
Deep fried tofu with spring onion and ginger-soy sauce

Hamachi Tataki / 100g

321 Kč
Seared hamachi carpaccio with seafood wakame salad and ponzu-olive sauce

Soups 0,2l

Miso Shiru

55 Kč
Soy bean soup with tofu and seaweed

Wakame Soup

54 Kč
Seaweed soup made with beef broth

Seafood Soup

162 Kč
Seafood soup with udon sauce


House Salad / 200g

118 Kč
Vegetable salad with home made japanese style soy dressing

Sake Salad / 80g

217 Kč
House salad with raw salmon

Maguro Salad / 80g

236 Kč
House salad with raw tuna

Sake Maguro Salad / 80g

223 Kč
Salmon, tuna and avocado with fresh vegetable salad and kiwi dressing

Tofu Salad / 100g

165 Kč
Tofu and fresh vegetable salad with wine dressing

Daikon Wakame Salad / 60g

75 Kč
Seaweed and radish salad

Goma Wakame Salad / 60g

120 Kč
Marinated seaweed salad and tofu with sesame sauce

Kimchi / 100g

80 Kč
Traditional korean spicy cabbage